“Daisy” is a 9 year old, 14.2 hand, unregistered Spotted Saddle mare with fun markings that stand out in a crowd. She has a luxuriously smooth gait, is tons of fun on the trail, and automatically adjusts to the level of her rider—she tiptoes around carefully when kids are on her, and has a happy “game on” attitude with more advanced riders who want to move along. Daisy hacks out alone with no problem, gets gates, is traffic safe, crosses water/ditches/bridges/etc., has a lovely lope if asked. 

Daisy is accustomed to living out and is generally low on the totem pole in the herd. She is quiet in a stall, not mare-ish, and is not on any maintenance or medication. Daisy is sound on bare feet, auto-loads on the trailer, travels quietly, straight-ties, cross-ties and stands nicely for bathing and vet work. She takes up more leg than her height suggests—the adult rider in the video is 5’11 and feels like she has plenty of horse to ride!

If you are looking for an uncomplicated trail partner with an all-business attitude under saddle who is ready to hit the trail, Daisy might be the one. Spring is finally here and the weather is perfect for riding, so come meet Daisy and her gaited friends soon!