It’s only fair to warn you–OTTBs (Off-Track Thoroughbreds) are addictive!

Working with OTTBs is a rewarding part of our business at Shenandoah Sporthorses. We are very involved in educating the equestrian public about OTTB rehabilitation and training, and we typically offer several OTTBs for sale in various stages of training. 

Our location in Lexington, Virginia is within five hours of three racetracks, so OTTBs are always available in our area. We love tailoring plans for each OTTB to get them healthy and sound, and then the really fun part starts with riding.

OTTBs are typically responsive and willing under saddle, with pleasant and eager-to-please attitudes. Thoroughbreds are fun because the personality of each horse really shines through. Riders typically feel a strong partnership with their OTTB because the horse is so participatory in the process. Riding Thoroughbreds requires “feel,” body control and some finesse, but these skills can be taught with good instruction. They are certainly skills worth learning, as they will improve a rider’s ability to work with any breed. Once a rider new to OTTBs has gotten the hang of a slightly different style of riding, the sky is the limit! Thoroughbreds are versatile, forgiving, and lots of fun, and we encourage anyone who hasn’t considered an OTTB to give one a try.

Alice has successfully sold all of her OTTBs on the open market. Most objections that potential buyers have about OTTBs  are based on misinformation: Thoroughbreds have bad feet, OTTBs are hot and dangerous, they are all hard keepers, etc. Alice overcomes these objections with education, and when buyers understand that common “knowledge” about OTTBs is based on misconceptions, they will usually consider an OTTB as their next partner. And when they get a good match, they might be hooked on OTTBs for life!

The community of OTTB fans is a fun and inclusive club to be a member of. There are also fun horse show opportunities for OTTBs with the TIP program, where tattooed Thoroughbreds can compete against each other in various disciplines for year-end awards and prize money. TIP classes are becoming common at smaller, local shows, making horse showing affordable for more competitors. Information available here:

Please contact us for more information about our OTTBs for sale, or with any OTTB questions! We love to talk Thoroughbred.

One Kid Act

Lovely, big-bodied, unraced TB broodmare with no vices, sweet disposition and wonderful ground manners. Barn name “Nora” is pasture sound only. She has had four foals and is wonderfully bred— Jockey Club name is “One Kid Act.” She is...

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Silent Tale

Silent Tale

Located at our partner farm, RE Sporthorses LLC in Fort Defiance, Virginia: "Silent Tale" is a 16.1 hand 2008 Thoroughbred gelding who hogs attention and is super athletic. He is currently being used in a lesson program but his trainer says he will be happier with one...

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