“Hayden” is a chunky, black, adorable seven-year-old, 15.3 gelding. We suspect he is a draft/quarter horse cross, but his breeding is unknown. Hayden began his hunting career in the fall of 2015 with the Rockbridge Hunt near Lexington, Virginia. He has about 30+ hunts under his belt, as he has gone out twice a week most of the season, with some hound walking thrown in. He did so well during cubbing that we took him to Hunt Week and went out with the Bedford, Bull Run, Glenmore, Middlebrook, and Keswick hunts. Most of his hunting has been in second flight so far, but if we see an inviting little jump he is always game. He will be ready to move up to first flight next season.

Hayden is easy for one person to load and unload. He trailers easily and stands for mounting. He has never offered to kick a hound or horse and is happy to lead or follow. Hayden is great on a chase–light in the bridle, balanced, smart about where he puts his feet, quick enough to keep up but doesn’t try to pass horses in front of him. He has comfortable gaits, goes in a snaffle, never strong or silly.

Hayden’s education thus far is mostly hunt-oriented, but he has schooled off the farm and started learning dressage basics. He can go long and low, bend, do nice transitions and lengthen strides. Hayden likes to jump, canters little courses and jumps down gymnastic lines–he is a great option for someone who wants to do dressage or eventing in the off-season. He has great feet, no vices, lovely ground manners, gets along with everyone in the field, quiet in a stall, easy keeper. He has no injuries or history of colic, vision problems or lameness. Hayden hacks out alone or in company, crosses water and ditches, opens gates and stands at checks.

Hayden has never offered to buck, bolt or rear. He has the sweet, quiet personality of a guest/husband horse and will surely mature into that type of mount, but at this time needs an experienced partner who can offer him leadership and continue his training. He has been started slowly and correctly, is always the barn favorite and will be a wonderful addition to any family or hunt barn.