Meet Alice Bruno

Alice Bruno has ridden since she was 8 years old, when she met a pony at summer camp. Her horse-crazy phase is still going on! Alice has a diverse equestrian background: she participated in Pony Club in the Los Angeles area, studied dressage in San Diego, competed in endurance in California and the Midwest, and has foxhunted extensively in the Midwest and Virginia.

As the mother of two young daughters, Alice understands the importance of safe, trustworthy horses, and selects her sales projects with an emphasis on temperament and soundness. Because of her experience in multiple disciplines, Alice can predict where a particular horse will excel, whether it be in the hunt field or as an eventer, dressage mount, show hunter or trail partner.

Alice believes in ongoing education, holistic therapies, and continued client communication after a sale. She collaborates with other equestrian professionals so that both parties can learn from each other and use their respective resources to better meet clients’ needs. Alice loves working with juniors and amateurs, and has 8 years experience helping people find horses who become family members.

Alice owns and operates Shenanandoah Sporthorses in Lexington, Virginia, where she lives with daughters Sylvia and Harper. Alice’s goal is to grow her company through repeat business and referrals from clients who recognize her commitment to horse happiness and customer satisfaction. She welcomes all inquiries, and hopes to hear from you soon!

Alice is a member of the Rockbridge Hunt, the Southwest Virginia Dressage Association, the Retired Racehorse Project, the United States Equestrian Federation, the United States Dressage Federation, and the  Virginia Horse Council.


Alice Bruno
Alice Bruno