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In-utero foal by Obrecht VD Brouwershoeve X Gallant Miss (Gringo--Double Dare)

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I am thrilled to offer a super high quality Warmblood foal at a SUPER REASONABLE price in-utero.

The foal is by the stunning black stallion Obrecht, who has Carthago in the pedigree. Obrecht is a barn favorite, and is approved by most major Warmblood registries.

The dam, Gallant Miss, is a registered Canadian Warmblood with tons of bone and enviable Hanoverian lines in her pedigree. She is an experienced broodmare . . . in fact, she and I were pregnant at the same time when she had her last foal!

This foal should be a big-boned, fancy-moving, modern-type foal with an incredible jump. He or she is expected in mid-April of 2024.

Gallant Miss' last foal, Miracle, born October 2021. Gallant Miss Canadian Warmblood registration papers

Purchasing in-utero is a great opportunity to buy a horse you might not be able to afford after weaning . . . plus, you get to be part of the fun baby journey! Please message for details . . . several payment and reservation options available.


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